We are a full service digital agency of creative individuals. With over 10 years experience designing, developing and maintaining professional, award winning websites for some of the largest and best known companies in the world.

We are the secret division of some of the most well known PR, Marketing and Digital agencies in the UK. Through which we are working on behalf of companies such as: Next, Sony BMG, Virgin, Waitrose, Hoover, Kerry Foods, Betfair and Adobe.

We allow small agencies to continue running with the setup of a large industry leading company, by sourcing each team on a per project basis and keeping costs to a minimum.

For our direct customers, we offer solutions that are catered to suit your individual needs through our partner network. We will put you directly in touch with your own personal project manager, who will have at least 5 years experience in the digital sector.

Each project we undertake is seen with a view to give you a long term investment. Each website we develop is built to adapt and grow with your business needs, while aiming to find the most cost effective and flexible solution. Not only is our development second to none, but we also provide you with all the tools to continually maintain your own website without the requirement to commit to further maintenance fees.

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Website Development
We don't rope you into any PPC campaigns from the get go! We research your site's history, review its code and monitor your competitors to devise a long term solution that will help you compete and target the customers who are looking for you most.

The basic idea behind SEO centres on keywords. Visitors go to search engines and type in queries that use specific keywords. The search engine then makes connections between this search query and websites they have indexed, displaying the most relevant pages.

SEO techniques are used by site owners to make stronger connections between their site and its relevant keywords. When successful, the site will appear higher in the search engine for these specific search queries. While it might seem like the best idea would be to simply pile as many keywords into a site as possible, the search engines are smarter than that. In addition, keywords used on-site are only one part of the complex equation used to determine site relevance. Without the right balance of other important parts of SEO, a site will not find much benefit from simply adding more keywords and content.

We offer a range of SEO packages ranging from Social Media Manipulation to Secure Link Building. Get in touch today for a free review of your website. Once we have analysed your site's current data we can then advise you on the best way forward and give an honest estimation on results.

Competitively priced Wordpress Training from an industry expert. Choose from a one-to-one session or hire our experts out for the day to train your entire team

Our Wordpress workshops are designed to help you feel confident maintaining your Wordpress website. Whatever your skill level, we will take you through each Wordpress process, with easy to understand explanations, hands on demonstrations and printed guides for reference.

Our business package gives you 5 hours with a trained professional. Each session will last approximately 2 hours (giving you one session before lunch and a separate session after) with an additional hour for any further questions. For large groups we ask that internet access to a large PC or Projector is provided.

One to one sessions will last approximately 2 hours dependant on your current experience. Internet access is not required for individual training, however if you do wish to be trained on an internal PC, an internet connection will be required.

* Prices are subject to avaliablily and within the North West area only.
For an alternative quote please get in touch.

*Don't worry! We do not spam.

As usability designers we create your website with functionality in mind. It's important that the design enhances your products or services and is an asset to your brand, rather than a distraction from it.
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Are you looking for a wordpress expert to take the reins? Contracts to suit your business needs, from 1 day to 1 month

We have a well established network of seasoned professional freelancers with niche skills, who are available from 1 day to 1 month. For special projects or maternity covers, we can provide industry defining talent for whatever timescale your needs require.

You will receive direct contact with a guaranteed Wordpress professional, who has at least 5 years experience in your required project skill set. Our team specialise in website and graphic design, PHP development, JQuery, HTML, CSS and SEO.

Unless specifically required, you will never need to "find the space or equipment" for our team members as we will happily visit for the initial brief and keep in touch via skype for the remainder of the project.

We have worked on many websites that require confidentiality agreements. Should your project require any form of secrecy (subject to copyright) we will be happy to discuss your needs.

* General T&Cs: All invoices are issued within 30 days of project or phase completion and are to be paid within 14 days of receipt.
Work is charged at an hourly rate, unless agreed in advance.
We retain full copyright for our work until full payment is received for the work that has been done.
You are responsible for our professional fees irrespective of whether or not you are instructed by a third party.
Any image or content copyright disagreements are your sole responsibility. We will not be held accountable for any content you have provided without purchase or royalty free.

  Alistair Reid / Account Management
  Emma Council / Copywrighting & SEO
  Jason Dexter / SEO, Social Media Marketing & Content Strategy
  Leanne Borrowman / Design, Development, Usability & SEO

Alistair Reid ~ Well we needed someone to keep us in check! Alistair is our accounts manager and occasional copywriter. His main role is to maintain an overview of the financial side of things, and making sure the numbers add up.

Alistair’s main role is as an independent solicitor-advocate and he has worked for some of the leading practices in the north west. By day he runs crown court trials, and by night he makes the tea and keeps tabs on what the rest of us have been working on.

Alistair is a practicing solicitor, which fills his time away from Pixel most days.

“I agree with Emma she does talk far too much. That means I tend to leave our creative team to what they do best while I quietly make sure that the business side of things run smoothly.“

Emma Council ~ Since joining the team, Emma has shown that a bubbly outgoing attitude can hide a multitude of skills in copywriting for SEO. She has a degree in business studies, a national vocational certificate in business and even studied law for 2 years. Her main experience however comes from working with Vertex, one of the leading bodies of medical research in the UK. She has written for their data magazine, newsletters and internal communications boosting their online presence, whilst maintaining professional, targeted articles.

Emma can usually be found in the presence of Oreos, often complaining that there aren’t enough. These are now a staple foodstuff in the office, or the union of Emma may go on strike!

“I talk far too much, thats probably why I find copywriting so interesting… I can waffle on for hours about how great I am. It just requires a bit of research, the right hat and our clients are sorted!”

Jason Dexter ~ Jason prides himself on providing amazing SEO results with an efficient turn around. Armed with extensive knowledge and experience, Jason has ensured he has stayed at the very forefront of the search market.

Jason has worked with many companies from all over the world, large and small. In addition to his excellent SEO abilities it is Jasons approachable and helpful personality which allows clients to feel confident in recommending Jason to others.

“Whether you're looking to rank a website for your local flower shop, or want to tap into national and international markets, I'll treat your site as a priority and provide the very best service.“

Leanne Borrowman ~ With over 10 years working in the web design sector, Leanne is a WordPress usability and accessibility expert. Fundamental flaws with many websites arise out of how a website directs its users and how it performs across different platforms, such as tablets and mobiles. These are potential problems Leanne considers with every website she creates, and she loves the challenge of designing within optimisation boundaries.

Coming from Liverpool, Leanne has naturally picked up the gift of the gab, although without the strong accent! She is very client oriented and enjoys the benefits of a close client relationship.

“I like to build websites that give clients the confidence to take control and call their own. A common issue within this very design driven industry are graphic designers pushing their ideals over the clients’. I create websites based around my customers’ preferences and not my own.”

Our team consists of usability, design and WordPress development experts, copywriting and SEO gurus. We cover it all!

Our office statistics...
  • milestones_image_01 08

    cups of coffee per day or some obscure variety of tea. More often than not it's only Alistair who actually brews up

  • milestones_image_02 02

    trees saved per day we keep our office as "paper-free" as possible. This cuts down on waste, without cutting trees

  • milestones_image_03 12

    oreos eaten per day a statistic that varies depending on Emma being in the office when a new packet is open

  • milestones_image_04 18

    photos made per day Lee's enthusiasm to take pictures, either of the office mascot or any blissfully unaware colleague

  • milestones_image_05 42

    emails sent per day keeping everyone in the loop and obviously keeping things running smoothly

  • milestones_image_06 06

    spotify hours per day with music as eclectic as our people, we have plenty of tunes to keep the creative juices flowing

Our main office is located in the Stockport, Manchester area. If you would like to arrange a meeting we are more than happy to come to you or to meet for a coffee.

Alternatively feel free to email and enquire anytime. For new website enquiries please enclose a brief explanation of your requirements and we will respond within a day, along with a proposal for your consideration.